Our team and professional builders’ relentless commitment to excellence is achieved through skilled craftsmen who perform the details that create your home of quality and lasting value.
Troy Brown Construction LLC is devoted to creating your dream home which is evidenced in custom woodworking throughout, precision architectural construction, and our relentless attention to fine detail. These are the standards that define our devotion to building excellence and give each distinctive TBC LLC home its classic appeal and enduring value.
Troy Brown Construction blends creativity with materials to design a truly unique living enviroment for you and your family. Troy Brown Construction homes are designed to include special features to make your home exclusively yours.
Once you have selected all of your personal choices for your new TBC LLC Custom Built Home, your home plan is prepared by our in-house CAD staff and submitted to a structural engineer for foundation design. The Purchasing team buys materials to build your home. A “start package” is issued to your builder for review and submitted for a building permit. Next is a meeting with your builder to go over blueprints and the construction process.
Construction: Each stage takes approximately two weeks depending upon weather conditions.
Stage 1-Your home site is cleared and prepped for pouring the foundation. Forms are set and plumbing rough is completed. Inspection by city officials, engineer, and TBC LLC Quality Control Team.
You will receive an invitation to be present during this special event.
Stage 2- Foundation is now poured. Framework is completed.
Stage 3-Rafters are installed to complete the frame.
Stage 4-Decking, cornice, and windows are installed. Mechanical roughs are completed including plumbing “top-out” and HVAC rough. Roof and vents are added along with skylights if applicable.
Stage 5- Additional mechanical roughs are installed which include electric rough and security rough. Gas lines are installed. Now, City Inspectors and the TBC LLC Quality Control Team do framing and mechanical inspections.
Stage 6-Brickwork begins and insulation is installed.
Pre-sheetrock Inspection: A pre-sheetrock inspection with you, your builder, and your sales associate now occurs. The inspection and review will cover the entire structure, including placement of electrical plugs and switches, cable television outlets, telephone outlets, color, and any changes you requested to the plan. The pre-sheetrock inspection is critical to insure that the timely completion of your home is not delayed due to incorrect installation or misinterpretation of your changes. After pre-sheetrock inspections are complete, sheetrock installation begins and is followed by the taping, bedding, and texturing of the walls. The flatwork, which includes driveways, sidewalks, and patios, is installed.

​Stage 7-At this stage, exterior painting is done. Finish carpentry that includes stair trim out, cabinets, countertops, trim, doors, and mantles is completed. Baths and backsplash are tiled.
Stage 8-Wall out and trim prep inspection is completed. Interior walls and trim are painted. Vanities are now installed. HVAC and plumbing trim out is done.
Stage 9-Electrical and security trim out is completed. Wallpaper is now installed as well as mirrors and shower doors. Back yard fence is installed and final survey is completed.
Stage 10-The floors are laid and fireplaces are tiled. Trim hardware and locks are installed. Landscaping and irrigation are completed. Any touch-up work to the paint is done and there is a pre-carpet inspection. Once approved, the carpet is installed. Final clean of the interior and exterior is done and appliances are checked for any defects.
Stage 11-Gas and electric meters are installed. A final building inspection is completed and your home is now ready for your Homeowner Orientation. Any item that you believe needs our attention can be identified at your Homeowner Orientation.
Completed Home-It is our goal to have your home fully complete prior to closing. Once we have completed the remaining items from your Homeowner Orientation, your home is cleaned once again and ready for move in!

LA Commercial Contractor Lic. # 52318
LA General Contractor Lic. # 89834
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